NameCurrent PositionContact infoResearch Interests

Selmer Bringsjord

Selmer BringsjordDirector, RAIR Lab
selmerbringsjord@gmail.comTo infinity and beyond
1-copyAtriya SenGraduate Student, Computer Sciencesena2@rpi.eduLogic, esp. computability theory. Automated theorem
proving. Artificial intelligence. Philosophy, esp. philosophy of
science; metaphysics. Physics. Any combination of any or all of the above.
Joe JohnsonGraduate Student, Computer Sciencecomputational semantics, automated ontology development, information retrieval, and probabilistic reasoning for application in economic decision making and question/answer systems
Photograph of Dan AristaDan AristaGraduate Student, Cognitive Sciencearistd@rpi.eduCognitive Psychology, Artificial intelligence, Logic and reasoning
Matthew PevelerGraduate Student, Computer Sciencepevelm@rpi.edulogic, reasoning, artificial intelligence and probability/uncertainty
Rikhiya GhoshGraduate Student, Computer Scienceghoshr3@rpi.eduNatural Language Processing, Logic
Konner AtkinUndergraduate Student
Thomas CarterUndergraduate Student
John CusickUndergraduate Student
Nicholas MartonUndergraduate Student
Simon MattssonUndergraduate Student
James Pane-JoyceUndergraduate Student
Spencer WhiteheadUndergraduate Student


 NameCurrent Position Contact InfoResearch Interests
Naveen Sundar GovindarajuluResearch Scientist, Yahoonaveensundarg@gmail.comLogic, NLP, Analogical Reasoning
Photograph of John LicatoJohn LicatoAssistant Professor, Computer Science, IPFWrespeckknuckles1@gmail.comAnalogical Reasoning, Analogico-Deductive Reasoning, Cognitive Architectures/Modeling, Computational Modeling of Reasoning, Developmental AI, Philosophy of AI, and (later) Piagetian theories of cognitive development
Jinrong Li