Current Members
NameCurrent PositionContact infoResearch Interests
Selmer BringsjordDirector, RAIR Lab
selmerbringsjord@gmail.comArtificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Mathematical and Philosophical Logic, Computability Theory
Bram van HeuvelnAssistant Director, RAIR Labheuveb@rpi.eduExistential Graphs, Busy Beaver, Grid Logic
Brandon RozekDoctoral Student, Computer Sciencerozekb@rpi.eduAutomated Reasoning, Artificial Intelligence, Formal Methods
James OswaldDoctoral Student, Computer Scienceoswalj@rpi.eduAI, Automated Reasoning, Modal Logics, Artificial General Intelligence
John SlowikDoctoral Student,
Computer Science
slowij2@rpi.eduRobotics, Language Based Cognitive Architectures


( * = Computer Science, ^ = Cognitive Science)


Max Wang * ’19 (Now SDE at Amazon Web Services)
Chandler Dunn * ’18 (Now Senior SWE at Universal Robots)
Justin Buergi * ’18
Nicholas Marton * ’16 (Now Director of Data Science and Machine Learning at Sigma Ratings)
Alex Haig * ’14 (Now Machine Learning Engineer at Google)
Evan McCarty * ’14
Joseph Valerio * ’13 (Now Senior SWE at Fidelity Investments)
Danny Coretti * ’10 (Now Principal Engineer at Amazon)
Sean Barnes † ’10
Nicole Wardle* ’10 (Now Technical Program Manager at Google)
Evan Gilbert* ’09 (Now Director of Technology at Expo)
Dan Werner* ’07 (Now Senior Java Developer at Equitable Holdings)
Steven Nerbetski* ’07
Owen Kellett* ’05
Jason Wodicka† ’04